Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Finishing Touches Too: getting started

Finishing Touches Too: getting started:

"this is the sign, that planted the seed, for the beginning of 'Finishing Touches Too'...and so it all started.."

and then we had a quick peep inside..
and it was very nice, contract confirmed...

and so it was off to Ikea we set... thank god for sisters (angels in disguise)

and not a  man in sight, well i suppose it had to be all assembled, so some nifty fingers were drafted in...

and very happy with the progress, its all shaping up.. the painters are next, will keep you posted..


  1. this is my first attempt at creating a blog, so hang in there and i might get it right some day!!!!

  2. Bookmarked and will be checking back for updates. Very impressed - Damien

  3. EXCELLENT work sis lookin good can't wait to opening day.Well done you!!!